Delivery Reputation

Delivery Reputation

In the events business, we are often called every week primarily on Saturday and Sunday mornings with the hope of booking a Bouncy Castle last minute. Customers often say they have been let down by another company.

We have noticed the following trend with customers being let down:

1.Often cheaper than reputable companies

Attractive as it may seem cheaper does not mean best service or quality. Every summer we see start up Bouncy Castle business enter the market claiming to be the cheapest. These attractive prices can put enormous pressure on small businesses and let families down on the all-important day.

2.They almost always operate without insurance

Holding public liability is crucial for the safety of individuals. Every hirer will do their best to ensure the safety of individuals, although it is best to be insured for the unexpected.

3.The only have one van

The British term of “one man band” comes true for companies that operate with only one van. This can be critical when a breakdown occurs. Taking multiple bookings with only one van can leave the business vulnerable to risk. At Empire, we run multiple vans to ensure Bouncy Castle, Rodeo Bull and Marquee Bookings all take place. These multiple vans do not exclude us from breakdowns although it does allow a backup service. Should a van breakdown we may face a delay although the booking would never be completely cancelled.

4.Business contact

We offer many contact method for our customers to reach us at the all important moment. Customers should beware of companies with only a mobile number and no other form of communication. We offer Live chat, Email, Text Message, WhatsApp, Mobile Phone, Free Phone and Facebook as forms of communication. We guarantee to be contactable on at least two of these methods 9am-9pm seven days a week.

5.Event images & Reviews

Look at business reviews from previous customer to gain trust before bookings. We understand that it is very easy for businesses to create fake reviews therefore we also publish event images. Event images are a great way for us to show the experience. Images can sometimes speak volumes to gain your trust.

This article was not written in bias to our business but to make potential customers aware of the risks. Whatever your event, it is important to hire from a reputable company and not focus on the price as a factor. We are friends with many other leading companies in the North West and we hope if not hired from us, you hire from another reputable firm.